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OEX Works

Choose our company, you will be choosing the best services for you with quality and guarantee that we give to our customers. We are a company with a young team with desire to work and with high knowledge in the construction area, choose the oex chooses the best

Service Details

We provide rental services of all types of toilet for events such as anniversaries, baptism, weddings, tambel we rent our toilets for construction works.
OEX offer a solution for every lifestyle. Be inspired by the countless styles of houses on offer and find the perfect home for you.
The OEX provides the services described in the above definition. With quality professionals to serve the right time and the high service arm length described above.
We provide road construction services nationwide, for all of Mozambique with better equipment and equipment.

Residences for the camp

We offer services of construction of temporary residences for bedding

Why Choose Us

Visiti us our insatalacoes find themselves in the Avenidade do Bagamoio in front of the campo inafrio next to the high school infulene benfica.

We are a young team, come to OEX for more information.

We are a company that provides several services in the field of construction.